Gotu Kola: Powerful Ayurvedic Herb!

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  1. Remy Starseed says

    Very interesting Christina! Long time no see. Btw you are glowing and
    radiating warmth in this video !?

  2. MAXX145 says

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    religious Reasons.
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  3. Turboz Raw says

    Been using it for years its a great herb and not just effects on the pineal
    gland and the brain but the entire body as it also heals wounds fast and
    helps blood flow very well and much much more.

    A Super-Herb Indeed.

    Namaste <3?

  4. Truth Speller says

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    birthday lands on the 22….I know you don’t feel you connect with me or
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    Chris I was Born Oct 22 you don’t look like your going to be 39 so I will
    skip that one… Just stopping in to say happy birthday to you as well as
    to me…Hope your day is bright Christine…. †?