Fluorite Crystal Point– Large Rainbow Fluorite Point with 24k Gold Electroplated Cap Display PIece (RK2-B2-11) by RockParadise

24.00 USD

This is a beautiful rainbow fluorite crystal point with a 24k gold electroplated cap. (RK2-B2-11)
We electroplated the bottom to make it stand up beautifully as a display piece.

You will get this exact crystal as pictured in the first photo, other ones are for sale separately.

It has a gorgeous ethereal quality when held up to the light.

Crystal measures approx. 58mm x 22mm

This is a great display piece.
Or get creative– wire-wrap it and wear as a pendant.

Rainbow fluorite is thought to be a highly stabilizing and protective gemstone, especially great for mental clarity, organization and information processing.

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