Fertilizing Temple Balm: By Orgainic Root Stimulator?

Fertilizing Temple Balm: By Orgainic Root Stimulator?
Does fertilizing temple balm help with hair growth?
I actually have shoulder length healty hair I was just wondering if it would speed hair growth.

Answer by physicianhelp123
I have several clients that suffered from hair loss. I use to recommend the above product for their hair loss and 1-3% of my clients would experience hair growth in their specific areas.

However, recently, I discovered A Double Portion Ayurvedic Scalp Food Gel and it has been successful in facilitating 4 out of 5 of my clients’ hair growth in their temple areas. Their scalp stimulator may be more successful solely because it is all natural and does not contain any parabens or glycols, which can irritate the scalp and dry the hair. This, only causes more hair loss. You can find their gel online at discoverb4acom. It contains fenugreek and saw palmetto, two proven herbs that reduce balding and alopecia.

Answer by Craig M
You’re right. That scalp food gel works.