FEEL IT! Binaural ASMR scalp MASSAGE with oils & ear whispering

The perspective of this ASMR video will allow you to experience what the model is experiencing on your own scalp! This head and scalp massage is based on ayu…


  1. TheHazinater says

    I cannot seem to have any of these ‘tingles’ that people are talking about.
    i have tried many people and types of sounds but none seem to give me them.
    Any ideas for me to get them or is it a thing you have or not ‘cos they
    seem pretty cool.?

  2. xXB34STM0D3Xx says

    she takes a hollowed out mannequin head and puts the mic in it, then she
    uses a bald cap over the head, then puts a wig on the head. ?

  3. YaWatBruv says

    How not to sound as rude as possible.. please do an erotic asmr video,
    saying fuck me you want to fuck me in the ass yes? lol sorry if this
    offends anyone i love this channel but i haven’t found any asmr cussing or
    erotic videos yet even if its private! …i’ll just.. . walk away…
    slowly.. . .. . . … .. erwettrte?

  4. thehomegardener says

    You know I think I recognize that head of hair from when she was in marry
    old England! Folks we have a guest! I believe this was the nice lady who
    lent us her head in my favorite hair brushing video. You know the one by a
    open window with the neighbors sound like they are arguing .?

  5. Kerr Wortham says

    I have been lucky enough to have followed Olivia since her first video and
    to watch how much she has improved, her consistency in uploading and
    creating new videos, how she has kept it simple without needing
    overproduced, high concept gimmicks and/or costumes all the while keeping
    to what ASMR is supposed to be.

    I’m not denigrating anyone, but Maria hasn’t really put out a good video at
    all this year, Heather Feather (who I adore) is getting way too wrapped up
    in the production aspect of things, HaileyWhisperingRose seems to become
    more and more affected with each new upload and Lilium has gotten kind’ve
    difficult for me to watch anymore. I’ve tried to listen to a lot of other
    ASMRtists but get nothing from them.

    Olivia is rapidly on her way to being the best of the bunch for me.

  6. iMustacheU5 says

    I enjoy the sounds but not when i look at it because she is using her
    nails and that would really hurts?

  7. Corina Martinez says

    Lovely! Relaxing me to sleep. And it’s my type of hair so it makes it that
    much more real for me. Thanks darling! ?

  8. Nicole Johnston says

    There is an echo. I can’t put my finger on it. But great vid. My triggers
    are when you whisper so a lot of that would be awesome! :)?

  9. Auntkarema says

    Olivia-can you do another video of you just talking and flipping pages?
    Your voice give me the most tingles and your beautiful hands….?

  10. Captain Howdy says

    Poor Olivia has been in the jungle too long: she’s started collecting human
    heads like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.?

  11. Brian McHugh says

    This is a little too weird, like Weird Al is the model. I’ll look forward
    to the next one, and let this one be forgotten. ?

  12. Mikael Wilson says

    If it’s not rude to ask… But where are you from? :) your accent is just
    amazing to me. ???? I absolutely love it! ?