Enhance your Ketogenic Diet with the Ancient Ayurvedic practice of Oil Pulling.

I’ve known about and practiced oil pulling on and off for many years but I never noticed the similarity between the Ketogenic diet until I oil pulled this we…


  1. Jessica Jackson says

    I have found coconut oil to work just fine as it melts in your mouth and as
    naturally anti fungal and anti bacteria. Thanks for this video. I tried it
    a few times in the past but the swishing got on my nerves after while. Made
    it to 10 mins and stopped. But I’ll try adding it in to my evening before
    bed routine. Also does the bad breath, body odor and urine go away once you
    fully adapt? How long did it take to clear up for you??

  2. Tina Ford says

    Hi:)! I just love your sweet spirit. Thank you so much for being a voice
    for the ketogenic lifestyle. Anyway, I’m trying to get reintroduce to it
    and would like to know do I need to stop eating the fruit to adapt to this
    way of eating. Your input would really be appreciated!?