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  1. shahrukh khan says

    Hello Sir mjhe ye drinks ki timing puchni hai and kaunsi drink kub kub
    lenna hai M very Cnfused

  2. Taylor Charlotte says

    Iove your vIdeos Courtney, and I have been tryIng some of these at home.
    Can you provIde tIps for those are even a step before begInners yoga, and
    have fIexabIIIty and ‘sIze’ Issues? For exampIe I can’t even come cIose to
    doIng Uttanasana due to InfIexabIIIty In hamstrIngs and back, pIus not
    exactIy havIng a sIIm tummy…. weII you can fIgure the rest. :) I don’t
    use It as an excuse not to try, I just try to adjust as best as I can to
    get as cIose as possIbIe.?

  3. Anjalee Leo says

    Be careful having lemon it can rais uric acid and cause joint pain and
    Honey can rais blood sugar.?

  4. Dia mehta says

    Mere censaren hua hai…..nd 3 mnth hogya h …. toh main diet nd yoga kr
    shtake hu… Plzz reply my answer :(?

  5. Hasheeba Hassa Shaik says

    Thank you for valuable tips.. i have already did this..it really works..I
    can do again..Thank you so much.?