DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Dry and Damage Hair and Hair Growth

EVERYTHING THAT I USED IN THE VIDEO CAN BE FOUND HERE: This is a full packed moisturizing treatment for your hair. The proportions by th…


  1. april carps says

    my hair’s tangled when i bleached it thrice, but it’s not normally that
    tangled, i hated it, do you know any solution for it??

  2. Ana Collazo says

    Can you use Coconut oil instead of Coconut milk????
    Thanxx xoxo. Love your hair so much!!!!!<3?

  3. ???? ????????? says

    After I do this mask I have to wash my hair with shampoo? Or just wash them
    with water? Because I know that most of mask doesn’t need to be washed by
    shampoo) hoping for ur answer) ?

  4. Liliana Landeros says

    This really worked on my hair i thought it wasn’t cause my hair is very
    messed up . Thanks for this mask (: Very great hair mask (;?

  5. n joshi says

    Hi, I like your hair. I had treated my hair chemically twice, so now I have
    many hair issues like split ends, dry, damaged, etc….Which hair mask
    would you suggest me (since you have shared many kinds of hair mask on
    YouTube) and how often do i need to use it. Thanks a lot in advance. ?

  6. Shirley Chai says

    Hi there, I tried the mask but the olive oil is sticking to my hair.. :(
    any ideas how to get it out??