DIY Eyelash Growth Gel

This DIY will show you how to make your own eyelash growth gel for under . You will only need 4 things. Castor Oil Vitamin E Aloe Vera Aquaphor Castor Oil…


  1. Divinity89 says

    Unfortunately, that aloe vera gel from Walmart is not 100% aloe vera gel. I
    have it too and thought so too until I really studied the bottle. It’s
    really only 100% “gel” not 100% “aloe vera gel”. You can see that from just
    the front label. Then, if you read the ingredients there are 6 other
    ingredients outside of aloe vera. Hoodwinked :-/ lol?

  2. Queen Indie says

    I use vitamin E, Castor Oil, and Coconut oil, and it works aswell. It makes
    your lashes more thicker than it does lengthening them. But I still saw
    amazing results!?

  3. Jacob Marley says

    I tried castor oil a few years ago and regretted it. I developed a severe
    allergy that lasted three weeks. My eye felt like it had stinging glue in
    it and my lashes felt brittle. I wish had worked though, oh well.?

  4. medialyfe says

    False advertising… your lashes should at least show results like some of
    the other demo videos. It will give you credibility. Luckily, I already
    know this works but there might be people out there who want to see it in

  5. ClassyGeek says

    Hmm – “more safer” please learn the language
    Also why did you put it into a syringe than a container, just skip the
    Overall – not a good video?

  6. AdrienneS1970 says

    Not trying to be an a-hole but..if this diy works then why arent your
    lashes long? Wouldn’t you try to test it out to see if it worked before
    you post a video saying it works??

  7. Savanah Rawlins says

    For me I use vasoline, argan oil, jojaba oil, and olive oil, and mix it
    with some all natural dark circle cream so i can use it for both. It works
    and makes my lashes feel more mosturized.?

  8. lara mitchell says

    I just ran into this dumb video again!!! What kind of idiot puts it into a
    syringe to squirt it into a container when she could have just scooped it
    into the container with her stupid little craft stick. ?

  9. Ursula Terrazas says

    I was wondering where you got your Aquaphor? I liked the fact that you
    said it was water based as I don’t use petroleum or mineral oil based
    products. I found it at Walmart but the only active ingredient in it is
    Petrolatum (Petroleum) and the first inactive ingredient is Mineral Oil. I
    noticed your Aquaphor is in a tube, but Walmart only had it in a tub.
    Perhaps the one you use is different??