DIY Calming Olive Oil Baby Soap, All Natural, Chemical Free, Cold Press Soap for Baby

I love making soap, it is an all natural chemical free way to take care of your skin, and it is so super fun; this soap will use a cold press method, oils used are an olive oil base, coconut…


  1. Minikins says

    Hey Tracy , love you and Emmets vids, he is so cute and clever! Have you
    any pics or vids of this lovely baby soap as it comes out? I’m thinking of
    making some for my boy with sensitive skin. Thanks!?

  2. Monique Solanilla says

    great idea,Tracy, Did I heart in one of you videos that you are going to
    used cloth Diapper?, Just for your information is better to used the
    disposal one, because it keep the baby dry, and he wont have a rash,and
    you do not have to clean and disinfect all the fabric ,there are good thing
    in this century that is worth it, anesthesia(when you are having the
    baby),and diapper.?