DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask – Amla Shikakai Rose

Hey Maicurlies, I have a new mix and this one is an Ayurvedic Hair Mask/Masque. I LOVE using this mix on my hair for several reasons: *Its strengthening property *Conditioning ability *The…


  1. Maicurls says

    @lyn j sorry I donno why I can’t seem to tag you in my reply or reply
    directly to your message but I hope you see this. I wanted to say Thank You
    and please do let me know what you think once you’ve tried the mix :)?

  2. NaTasha M. Kilgore says

    I definitely want to try this on my face. Do you have video for exfoliating
    the skin? I’m not sure if I’ve seen it.?

  3. Naturally Lisa says

    Hello +Maicurls can Alma be used to cover gray hair. The Henna process
    seems to complicated.?

  4. lyn j says

    Awesome! Your curls were poppin’ afterwards. I must definitely try on my
    hair. Thank you for the video!!?