Cleaning with Soap Nuts | Natural & Chemical-Free

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  1. gwill9 says

    i just ordered these, also going to try soapwort and compare both and see
    which one works better?

  2. C. Maree Harris says

    WOWWEEE…so amazing! Thank you for the info, our Creator Jehovah really
    has us lovingly in mind.

    C. Maree?

  3. Shelby Sanchez says

    Amazing Mama! Thank you for sharing. :) I just received soap nuts from a
    friend and am excited to try them out for the first time. ?

  4. Willow Tree Roots says

    You can get a one pound bag of organic Soap Nuts (that’s lasted me so far a
    year and I still have half a bag left) at Mountain Rose Herbs (website is
    of same name) for $6.00.

  5. Cordelia25 says

    My washer doesn’t load detergent in the same place as the clothes, it has a
    separate compartment to put detergent, can I still use soapnuts?

  6. truthnfreedomseeker says

    When I make the household cleaner, I think I’ll add vinegar to preserve it
    and also to boost the cleaning effects. :)

  7. Berry Love says

    i need to start buy them again.i have the powder at home and i don’t like
    it when the powder can be left back on my hair,dishes and etc.

  8. truthnfreedomseeker says

    Expensive? She said it costs about $0.53 to do 8 loads of laundry and make
    two 8.5 oz. bottles of household cleaner! That’s awesome AND it’s all
    natural! :)

  9. JesWith3 Is Me says

    ??? lol Are you not seeing alllllllll the uses this woman got out of just a
    FEW of these berries?? For the price of your laundry soap, kitchen cleaner
    and bathroom cleaner, you’re going to spend roughly $20 buy a bag of
    soapnuts for that and get 20X the applications! Do the math!

  10. Nicoles Heart says

    Excellent! I never heard of soap nuts. I’m looking forward to trying them!
    Also, great presentation -what company are you using for your product