what would be a herb or supplement, to combat chronic fatigue syndrome?

what would be a herb or supplement, to combat chronic fatigue syndrome? DR. and meds are expensive as if no one knew that. but i know of a huge herb health food store, wonder if i could find something there to give me energy? and what would that supplement or herb be? Answer by NitramA mixture of parsley (flat leaved) and basil will do wonders for you.Answer by Uuuuuu JjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjTry on of the ginsengs -there are several types.Answer by Mr Ecorrect the nerve interference to your thyroid. see an hio method chiropractor. … [Read more...]

Q&A: Chinese Herbs?

Chinese Herbs? I've heard how the following chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat Asthma:Ku-Shen,Ling-Zi and Gan Cao. Is anyone familiar with any of these? Or know where they can be ordered online? Thank you in advance. Answer by zlovestnyyes they have make it for 2000 years beacause it's healthy just have some teaAnswer by PsycmixerI use a some of the cures because unlike drugs the side effects from them have benefits and I buy them in pill forms from the link below. The asians have been curing thins for well over 1000 years and still do !Answer by harabiclinicOh, … [Read more...]

Q&A: Herbs????????????

Herbs???????????? i've been ttc for 3 years now and nothing natural has worked. i don't want to try prescribed meds yet. what herbs or herb mixes would be good to take? Answer by ebstarIncrease your Folic acid to promote a healthy pregnancy..Talk with your doctor about anything extra to suite your needs...Good Luck! … [Read more...]