Cancer – Causes, Diet, Lifestyle, Herbs & Ayurvedic treatment

Modern science is yet to discover effective medicines for deadly disease called cancer. But in Ayurveda, Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic medicine) has formulated a Cancer Care Pack (The …


  1. Dr. Vikram Chauhan says

    This was in Skopje, Maceodnia. Planet Ayurveda is in Macedonia from last 10
    years now. There are many types of cancers. Many are caused by Smoking,
    (Lungs) ,Hormonal imbalances, ( Breast, Uterus, Prostate), Diet and
    lifestyle, (Stomach, Colon, Pancreas, Liver) Brain tumors. The best herbal
    remedies which I found to be effective in all cancers are – Curcumin,
    Kachnaar Guggul, Tulsi, Bramhi, Ashwagandha – Check all of them at –