Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Haul – Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Hair and Teeth

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  1. VitaLivesFree says

    +PinkPugg3113, I don’t know why I can’t reply to your comment directly.
    Hopefully, it will work like this. I can’t tell you which Ayurveda book is
    my favourite yet because I haven’t ready any yet. I have 20 or 30 books
    sitting in my e-reader, but so far I’ve only read lots of articles and
    blogposts online. I’m reading another book that I want to finish first
    before I dive into the world of Ayurveda. :-) I’ll let you know once I
    start reading them! xx?

  2. RealsleepyheadzzZZ says

    Girl, you really got me on the ayurveda.. l am coming to the same natural
    products in different ways, l didn’t know they’re ayurvedic remedies.. so
    obviously l am hooked now, and l think l will purchase those books l have
    bookmarked in bookdepository :) thanks for the push in the right direction?

  3. Cheryl Garcia says

    I’m new to your channel but I heard you mention oil pulling. I used to do
    that but I kind of fell out of it. I heard it was good for teeth
    whitening…is that true? Do you have video on oil pulling or could you
    make one describing the benefits? Thanks, I really like learning about
    these new products that I’ve never heard of.?

  4. Milena Koles says

    Those soap nuts intrigued me! Waiting for the video about that :) I have
    shikakai shampoo bar, I thinks it’s quite conditioning.?

  5. VitaLivesFree says

    This is a haul! But not just a simple beauty haul that nearly everyone and
    their dog does. :-) This is an Ayurvedic health and beauty haul! xx?

  6. Paleo Star says

    Hi Vita, very nice products, I thought in the past of using henna on my
    hair, just to make it darker, but the thought of waiting with that on my
    head for hours, really puts me off :) I can’t wait to see the things you
    make with your products.?

  7. MadCathos says

    I hope you plan on doing an oil pulling video! I’ve done it a few times
    with coconut oil.. but I don’t really know a whole bunch about it. ?

  8. Stefania Faraca says

    this is very very interesting. I cannot wait to hear what you think of
    these new products! I know nothing about Ayurvedic health. I will have to
    educate myself a little bit :-) thank you for yet another great idea!?

  9. Aleksandra Gidek says

    Hi Vita! Love your blouse! :) Also I’m intrigued by your new stuff. I’m,
    really looking forward to see what will you do with it!! :) In past I tried
    henna on my hair, and I have to say – that was great. I’d mixed it up with
    hot and very very strong tea – then the colour was better and stayed
    longer, maybe your Hubby would like to try it like this :)?

  10. Vita Pedrazzi says

    This is a haul! But not just a simple beauty haul that nearly everyone and
    their dog does. :-) This is an Ayurvedic health and beauty haul! xx?

  11. PinkPug3113 says

    Ooh, I can’t wait what you have to say about these products and new method
    to wash your hair. Which Ayurveda book is your favorite??