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  1. Thomas Baker says

    Thank you for posting this video. Where could I go to get this
    treatment? Is this treatment done anywhere in the United States??

  2. Ronnie Dylan says

    @SentientSapient I’m prob wrong about retina but found this:”Treating the
    eyes by applying medicated oil is known as Akshi Tarpana or Netra Vasthi in
    Ayurveda. The patient is made to lie on his/her back on the droni and a
    tank of flour paste, is made around the eyes. Medicated ghee is then poured
    gently into the tank over the patient’s closed eyes. After sufficient
    unction has been poured, the patient is made to open and close eyes
    intermittently for a period not exceeding five minutes.”

  3. Jessica Morines says

    this actually feels wonderful. I had this done while suffering from
    allergies that were irritating my eyes and it made the itchiness go away
    instantly. This treatment is used to lubricate the optic nerve and brain-
    it helps with memory loss and eye diseases.

  4. Ronnie Dylan says

    @ratskor I think the oil penetrates down to the retina and cleanses it.
    Check out the movie “Ayurveda, The Art of Being” on Netflix. In it they
    heal a mans vision with this technique.

  5. SentientSapient says

    @gumonthepants That’s kinda creepy, since nothing is supposed to reach the
    retina through the external surfaces of the eye. Can you imagine something
    just leaking into your view, squeezing between the gelatinous body and the