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Recently, you had a story about how well Ayurveda works (“Ayurveda Rising: New Program Highlights Local Practice, Art and Training,” Sept. 24, Xpress). It most definitely does.

Earlier this year, I ran across information for different vision problems in an inexpensive book of mine, Ancient Healing Secrets (Practical Cures That Work Today) by Dian Dincin Buchman. (Her book has information involving varying ailments and conditions.)

She said Ayurvedic doctors in India designed a series of easy eye movements called mudras. Practiced daily, mudras help individuals see more clearly and read from great distances.

I have been practicing since May 6 of this year, and my vision has been improving gradually  but more quickly than I expected. I doubt that I’ll need long-distance glasses ever again.

Ayurveda is amazing.

Diana Van Dyke

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