Ayurveda for Daily Living (Kerala Ayurveda Academy)

http://www.ayurvedaacademy.com Dr. Suhas speaks on how to bring Ayurveda into your daily life. 888-353-7252. How to understand holistic principles of enlight…


  1. wuashjoshill says

    Dr Suhas Kshirsagar’s presentation was awesome the topic of Emotion and
    Energy was incredible. thanks for posting those vids, Our son Jimmy is
    excited to go to India next year and learn more from him and other
    ayurvedic doctors.

  2. wuashjoshill says

    Actually we know this but he has already contacted a friend of ours in
    Kerala- thank you

  3. racwatcher says

    Nice presentation Suhas! Great message for the total health of the

  4. KeralaAyurvedaAcademy says

    Dr. Suhas is actually in Northern California. You may reach him or set an
    appointment by calling 888-353-7252

  5. flower321b says

    thank you Dr. Suhas. I really look forward to learning more. peace and
    blessings flower