Ayurveda finds takers in Russia – The Hindu

Kerala’s ancient medical system Ayurveda is getting popular in key markets in Russia and has received the stamp of approval from women who are looking for new health-care practices.

In the four-day 22nd Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (MITT) that concluded on March 21, a major part of the enquiries in the Kerala pavilion were on Ayurveda. Tourism professionals from the federation were keen to cash in on the interest in Ayurveda among Russian women.

Positive response

“There is an enthusiastic response to Kerala at MITT,” said Minister for Tourism A.P. Anil Kumar, who held discussions with India’s Ambassador to Russian Federation P.S. Raghavan during the fair to increase arrivals in Kerala from Russia.

“Ayurveda is becoming popular in key markets such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg (the fourth largest city), especially among the health conscious women audience,” the Ambassador said.

He urged Kerala Tourism to showcase Kathakali and Kalaripayattu along with the backwaters and Ayurveda to attract more travellers from Russia.

“We expect Kerala Tourism to do well in the Russian market in the coming years. Kerala Tourism’s participation at the MITT has helped our trade partners to build strong relations with the travel and tourism industry in Russia,” the Minister said.

Tourism Director P.I. Sheikh Pareeth, who was also in the delegation from the State, said the evolving Russian travellers are looking beyond beach holidays for relaxation and rejuvenation. Several leading Russian tour operators, including many medium-sized operators, had expressed their willingness to enter into agreements on Ayurveda package, he said.

The theme of Kerala Tourism’s stand at the MITT this year was Ayurveda and sun-and-sand destinations.

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