Ayurvedic Hair Care Demo

This is a video I made in fall of 2008 of my Ayurvedic hair care regimen. I had just begun transitioning from texlaxed to natural at this point. If you are new to using herbal powders and oils for your hair, do an allergy test prior to using. … [Read more...]

Eternal Health – Eternal Health – Ways To Get Healthier – Ayurveda Tips – Expert Health Advice

Take a positive step towards good health with this video that shows some tried and tested Ayurvedic tips. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips www.youtube.com … [Read more...]

Postpartum Ayurveda Tips: How to avoid depression?


According to Ayurvedic medicine, choices made the first 42 days after birth influence a woman’s health and ability to mother and partner for the next 42 years.  India and many older countries, such as China, Columbia, and Japan, all have similar ways of treating a mother postpartum and they recognize the mother’s invisible work that goes on after giving birth.  In the United States the maternal physiological needs during postpartum are often ignored; the focus tends to be more on the external and baby’s needs.  Many women feel it is a sign of accomplishment to get back to ‘normal life’ as soon … [Read more...]