Assorted Fossils Full Bag — Amazing Wonder Of Nature (RK9B3-01) by RockParadise

5.95 USD

This listing is for ONE (1) bag of assorted fossils. (RK9B3-01)

These fossils from an ancient sea bed are 1.9-450 million years old.

STOCK PHOTO. The measurement and characteristics will vary for each of this natural fossils.

They include:

– Brachiopods (measures approx.: 23mm in diameter)

– Gaastropods (measures approx.: 15mm x 16mm)

– Bivalves (measures approx.: 16mm x 17mm)

– Sea Urchin (measures approx.: 11 x 37mm)

– Orthoceras (measures approx.: 29mm x 47mm)

– Crinoid Stem (measures approx.: 24mm x 28mm)

– Coral (measures approx.: 25mm x 30mm)

– Ammonite ( measures approx.: 15mm x 16mm)

You will receive a bag of these amazing assorted fossils at an incredible price!

Great for jewelry projects, home decor. Fun for kids or adults at an incredible value price!

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