ASMR Herbal Tea Talk: Part One

Ran out of room on my new camera near the end so it’s just the close up shot. I think I’ll do one just devoted to Rosemary. I love that sound. The Juicing Bi…


  1. Mark Ireland says

    I hate to say it but if this were 12 century Europe, Ardra would SOooo have
    been burned at the stake. The fingernails don’t exactly help.?

  2. accidentallygraceful says

    The atmosphere is beautiful, your hood is beautiful, the multi camera set
    up is beautiful! But most importantly I adore the content- crinkly bags and
    herbal tea? Yes. <3?

  3. Tinglesaurus Rex says

    I am very fond of a tisane called Berry Patch and hibiscus tea. I really
    should order some… Thank you for sharing. It is a pleasure to share this
    time with you as always.?

  4. austinr420 says

    Yoooooo! This is the shit dawg! Rep ping ASMR like a mo-farkin g, homie!!!

    But seriously, love your videos!?

  5. CptSchmidt says


    Yo, have you ever thought of doing a video petting the cat? Not like an
    evil genius kind of shot where you’re just sitting in a chair petting and
    plotting, but maybe a shot closeup to see the neck and head with the mic
    close enough to hear the scratching and purring? idk, just an idea that
    might be kind of cool haha?

  6. Sebastian Nino says

    Is that part of your boyfreinds stolen sweater collection? Haha anyways
    love your new feature in Massage ASMR’s Halloween video.?

  7. Victor Mourched says

    I can notice how much work, care, editing and preparation you putted in
    this video and the result was just perfect, I loved it! Can’t wait for part
    two, thanks!?

  8. Slow Burn says

    I must say, Ardra, your videos are all great. They seem to have lots
    thought and effort put into them. You have a nice, fitting voice and a
    unique subtlety and care, and it makes for some of the best ASMR videos on
    You have a natural talent, keep at it.?

  9. rickeyboy42 says

    Haha Valerian root has the same effect on cats as catnip. My cat also shows
    up like that whenever I open the bag.?

  10. Burns Crash says

    Really like how unique your video’s are, your personality comes through so
    well! Thank you so much for sharing a part of yourself with all of us ;)?

  11. MinxLaura123 says

    wowwwww love this sooooooooooo much! :) so calming n the sounds soo crisp n
    crinkly n perfect. you are wonderful X?

  12. Michael W says

    Ah, love this.

    I knew to avoid Licorice because I have to take Warfarin (anticoagulation),
    which is essentially rat poison–also, anything heavy in Vitamin K and
    NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen–pretty dangerous medication to be on.

    My favourite teas–Earl Grey and Peppermint. ?

  13. Mikael Murstam says

    Try matcha tea. It is awesome. It has 10 times the concentration of green
    tea compared to regular green tea. It uses finely milled whole green tea
    leafs into a powder which you mixes with hot water. It will give you a
    calm alertness.?

  14. Georgeasmr says

    Wow!! Ardra, what a great place to do this, I want to be there haha, It
    seems so calming and nice with that plant and natural lighting.. plus you
    and your incredible soft voice..This was perfect.. Thank you. :D?

  15. Kaleb H says

    soooo many tingles (favorite sounds was playing with the dry tea in the
    cup) also your nail game is on point, literally.?