[ASMR] Benefits of Herbal Tea – My Current Stash ? ?

“You can keep your fancy ales, You can drink them by the flagon, But the only brew for the brave and true. Comes from the Green Dragon!” If like me you’ve al…


  1. GreyEarl Tea says

    Hey Fred, if you ever have the time, please update your other channel where
    you would show your garden and such! I loved those soo much! Only if you
    want to though, of course ~ thanks for the video :) ?

  2. TheHollyPhase says

    Was that a Lord of the Rings quote in your descript box?lol.

    Glad to see teas are still beneficial to you Fred. Loved the relaxing video?

  3. neolithic3 says

    I like the video, but for this type of video I’d really prefer to just see
    the background of your house, like kitchen or something like the ‘old
    days’. It was hard to see the boxes with the bright light reflecting off
    them and the green screen backgrounds don’t really do much for me unless in
    a roleplay setting. Just some constructive criticism from a longtime
    subscriber and fan! :)?

  4. Carlywarly44 says

    I’m so gonna get some now, sounds amazing, good video dude!

    One of my biggest asmr triggers was when a friend of mine from abroad
    offered me a tea I’d never tried before and we just sort of sat quietly and
    enjoyed it.

    I don’t know about anyone else but when I get asked out for coffee I
    trigger so hard ><

    But yeah amazing vid, man!?

  5. ilandsnow says

    Hey Fred how about a THOR ASMR RP ?( it’s just you know you kind of look
    like him^^ and Marvel is awesome:D)
    enjoyed the video btw :D!?

  6. Nick Savvy says

    your past three videos have had that deep-ass voice in them, is that
    something you’re gonna do consistently??

  7. Whispered_Stories says

    I am a huge fan of the more traditional style video :-) Your voice is
    always incredibly relaxing.?

  8. Joe & Joanne says

    Thank you for this video. My husband and I love herbal teas too. We lived
    in France for a few years and that’s where we were introduced to herbal
    teas, but neither of us have ever tried the Pukka brand. We are back in
    the US now and love the Yogi and Traditional Medicinal brands. As I just
    ordered a product on Amazon that came from the UK, I am pretty sure you can
    safely order this from the UK without incurring extra cost, but it looks
    like they sell the Pukka Vanilla Chai there for a reasonable price:
    Thanks again!?

  9. Annie Waters says

    Great video, Fred! I’m quite tempted to start having herbal tea. Also,
    could you do another close friend roleplay? ?

  10. CheesausageTV says

    Sadly I can’t get relaxation from your video’s cause I’m flabbergasted by
    your handsomeness :(?

  11. Tandia LittleCloverWhispers says

    Woohoo! Love the traditional style video :) I am crazy for tea, but I’m
    more into the stronger tasting black teas than herbal ones.
    Your hair looks nice!?