1. V Sathyamurthy says

    Anuloma Viloma Pranayama by Bhabaji, is done too fast.. To get the full
    benifit of this very powerful Pranayama, the inhaling & exhaling to be be
    as long as possible.Than only the entire Air in lungs will come out making
    more opening &cleaning the inner dust particle to come out while exhaling..
    I am doing this Anuloma Viloma Pranayama about 15 minutes in thr
    morning, with out tapping the nose by fingers! While inhaling care should
    be taken the breath should go to the lungs only not to stomach. While
    inhaling the maximum , there will be brightness in forehead which dips
    dark when exhaling fully..Normally every one at a time breath either by
    left or right nostril.. One who is able to control breathing in all the
    five ways need not use fingers and this is possible at the stage ‘Control
    of five senses avoiding desire. Yoga is divine.?

  2. Rishabh Sharma says

    anulom vilom is the best exercise you will ever come across. i am amazed by
    the mental benefits, really amazed.

  3. Dhiman B. says

    no kapalbhati n bhramori r d best. anulom bilom is also fabulous. thank u
    swamiji. pronam.