8 Hour Sleep Music: Meditation Music, Relax Mind Body, Sleeping Music, Calming Music ?231

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  1. Randalls Relaxation says

    This is great! Very relaxing! Just as relaxing as the nature videos on
    my channel. Where did you get this great music from??

  2. The guy who is always right no matter what says

    Listening to this & your video: “8 Hour Sleep Music: Theta Waves, Deep
    Sleeping music, Meditation Music, Relaxation Music ?213” Gotta say, this is
    really really nice to almost feel like you’re somewhere else. ?

  3. Mark Joseph Cueto says

    I needed this because I was playing a bullet hell MMO called “Realm of The
    Mad God”. I just died in a dungeon (Shatters) while someone was saying
    something like “Oh yeah, well you have to die too” and then I died. I was
    ********************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!” This music helped a lot.?

  4. Monique Davis says

    I suffered from a panic attack early yesterday morning… I was still
    feeling a bit anxious last night and I found this video. It was so
    relaxing/calming that I will be using it every night.?

  5. Jay thomas says

    I hate looking for this kind of music and it gives me few hour long videos
    I want separate videos not one 8 or 7 hour video?