8 Hour Deep Sleep Music Theta Waves: Sleep Music, Calming Music, Soothing Music ?131

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  1. Sherry Lynn says

    Sweet dreams my beautiful G+family. .
    Many hugs and much love to you ?
    Be blessed.

    8 Hour Deep Sleep Music Theta Waves: Sleep Music?

  2. Samantha Piper says

    this really helped me i have autism and sometimes its really bad but this
    music helped me become calm after having a nasty argument with a family
    member and got to aff to sleep even at 3.31am thanks?

  3. Mike Schmidt says

    Does this one work, because every other one I see people are talking about
    having huge nightmares and headaches. e.e ?

  4. NuatThai Panglao says

    Just beautiful.. Anybody knows how to download this one?? I would like to
    travel and bring this music with me when there’s no internet access?

  5. Th3 Assassin says

    well i fell asleep at 2:02;27 thank you this helped me a lot i always have
    night mares this time i felt good ;)?

  6. P Purple says

    And how my back hurts is because when I was at the beach on hard sand my
    dog and my aunts dog tripped me by going under me legs and I belly flopped
    on the hard sand and my back popped and it hurts sense July,12?

  7. L3g1t SP4RT4N says

    So relaxing, my dog and I fell asleep in seconds. I love it so calm and
    peaceful helps me sleep. Thank you so much it is too great.?

  8. ii EXPLOSIVE says

    Not trying to be a hater but really .. WTF?! It’s just noisy and i feel
    like there is some kinda of exploxine is coming it’s like a movie
    tralier…..lol anyways…..sorry for bothrig you and ik “wtf is the
    problem with this guy you’re spelling everythin wrong” well i don’t speak
    english that much so ….. yeah , good night everyone….yes , even you ^^.?