8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation ?159

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  1. YellowBrickCinema says

    Our most popular Sleep music track has helped over 7 million people fall

  2. razzytheorca says

    Let’s see what dreams I can get from this. I’m imagining a life in space in
    the far future. Drifting through the plains of reality seeing the beauty of
    the universe.
    Thank you for this amazing track. ?

  3. Mario Valdez says

    This really had helped me to make my mind still and bright just enough to
    do my homework and be more happy. Thank you, i wish to cobtinue growing

  4. Cathy Alba says

    Absolutely love this music and find it extremely relaxing. I’ve noticed a
    few people mention “dubstep” What is that??

  5. Benjamin Bair says

    this really helped me sleep the music is so calm and peaceful and with all
    the stress my family and i are going through this really helps me out so i
    can calm down and think?

  6. melissa schmidt says

    i have a very hard time sleeping unless its raining out so i looked up
    sleep sounds and found this site im so glad i did i dont have problems
    getting to sleep or staying a sleep anymore thank you so much?

  7. Amy E says

    This is actually so good for studying. I suffer from ADD meaning I struggle
    maintaining attention to anything I’m doing and I’ve been surprisingly
    focused with the help of this! Thankyou! ?

  8. Emily Fuller says

    Great night’s sleep from the UK! Helps me to release tension and stress
    from my head at night :)?

  9. james millward says

    this music is a real gift, it brings great peace and serenity, thank for

  10. tyson smith says

    I’m in middle school and I think all guys need at lest eight hours of
    sleep. But I get at least ten twelve hours of sleep. Thank you +

  11. Streifenprinz says

    Never tried sleeping with such music before.
    Started it with a replay function.
    Woke up 14.5 hours later :D

    Thank you?

  12. Al Nicholson says

    This had become my nightly sleep music. Light some incense out this on and
    slowly drift off. Finally wake up finally refreshed in the morning. Thanks
    yellow brick cinema!! ?

  13. rupricht ramalama says

    Wow, I’ve slept like 4 hours this entire week, and I just slept a solid 13
    listening to this, ty so much!!?

  14. Bojana(: says

    Thanks to your sounds I sleep so much better, and I’ve been diagnosed with
    insomnia which makes this truly amazing. Thanks so much. Greetings from
    Serbia. ?