5 Herbal Teas I’ve Been Loving Lately + Benefits

Thought I’d share 5 wonderful, medicinal herbal teas that I’ve been totally loving lately :) What are some of your favourite herbs? Iced tea recipe: http://w…


  1. DreamWizard9 says

    My favourites are Green tea (Sencha), Nettle tea (wild harvested
    preferably), St.Johns Wort, Camille, Passionflower, …and so many more! I
    just luv teas :) I don’t really like teabags. For me loose tea is the best
    :) I also like to make my own mixes and I developed a few ‘magic herb
    mixes’ over the years ;-)?

  2. trailkeeper says

    A quick spice blend is a triple spice mix/blend, starting with equal parts:
    cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg , just a bit goes good in tea or instant coffee?